TKL Research in Paramus, NJ is looking for women between the ages of 20 and 69 years old with moderate to severe fine lines or wrinkles on the face to take part in a clinical research study to assess the ability of newly trained evaluators to grade the effectiveness of a retinol product using a proven visual grading scale.

Clinical Research Study
Investigational Retinol Product For Women 20-69 Years Of Age With Moderate to Severe Fine Lines Or Wrinkles On The Face.

Qualifications Include:

  • Healthy women between the ages of 20 to 69 with fine lines or wrinkles on the face
  • Fair skin that tends to burn when exposed to the sun
  • Mild to moderate facial sun damage and or discolored spots

Study Involves:

  • Skin exams by board-certified dermatologist
  • Use of study product or placebo over 12 week period
  • Up to 5 visits to TKL's Clinical Research Unit over 12 weeks

Compensation up to $175 for your time and travel

are you interested in participating